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Frequently asked questions

Sales trainers give sales training and mentoring to teams in different organisations. They also develop training materials and professional development programmes. They conduct assessment tests for gauging the aptitude and skills of the individuals aspiring to become sales agents. They structure the training plans to meet the sales targets and update the job knowledge of the sales personnel.

You need to have a bachelor’s degree and 2-5 years of sales experience in the relevant industry to be eligible for applying to sales trainer jobs. Two or more years of experience in creating and providing training on sales methodology is also needed for the role. Strong presentation and coaching skills are a must-have for this position.

The average per annum income for sales trainer jobs in uk varies depending on the industry, employer, kind of position, and working hours. Overall, the sales trainers are offered competitive salary packages with benefits like a pension scheme, private medical insurance, holiday purchase scheme, free parking, eyecare vouchers, employee assistance programme, and more.

Great sales trainers have the ability to drive the success of sales professionals by providing them with valuable knowledge and training. They learn the latest methodologies for coaching the sales teams and focus on improving their skills. They are familiar with the customers’ approach and mindset and train the sales teams accordingly.

Currently, there are plenty of sales trainer vacancies in the UK. As long as different businesses and industries need assistance with getting their sales teams trained and evaluated, these trainers will be in demand. Apply to your preferred area of interest in sales by creating a professional profile on Simply Sales Jobs!


Sales Trainer Job Description

Sales trainers work towards increasing the productivity and performance of the sales teams by providing them with the right knowledge and guidelines. They identify the issues with the training materials and tailor and improve them according to a business’ sales strategy and needs. They also contribute to maximising the effectiveness of a company’s sales training programme. They serve as performance consultants and implement a wide range of training techniques. They find out the skill gaps and make appropriate and effective suggestions based on the gathered data. Creating training schedules, course content, and classroom agendas are also in the sales trainer job description. 

Sales Trainer Job Responsibilities

The routine responsibilities of sales trainers include preparing the new sales agents and reps by conducting the sales orientation sessions and training the current sales employees. The trainers devise and develop specialised training programmes. They deliver new systems and processes training. They assess the effectiveness of the sales training programmes using methods such as surveys, training skills attainment and management development for gauging the overall success and return on investment. They coordinate with other sales trainers and managers for meeting the training requirements. They facilitate on-job training using training sessions, webinars and workshops. They develop individual coaching plans and evaluate the performance of the trainees. 

Skills Required to Build Sales Trainer Careers

Stellar communication and influencing skills are needed for the job to deliver the training effectively. Problem-solving, decision-making and critical thinking skills are essential for the trainers to find solutions to the issues, make quick and astute decisions and think analytically. Organisation and time management skills will come in handy for efficiently managing day-to-day tasks. The ability to learn and adapt to new systems and technology is a must-have for this position. Individuals with a calm, positive and friendly approach will better fit in the role. Looking for training jobs in sales? Sign into Simply Sales Jobs for getting alerts for vacancies matching your qualifications and experience!