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Marshall Motor Group St Albans, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer
Marshall Motor Group Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer
Marshall Motor Group Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer
Sales Agent Appeal Home Shading Portsmouth, Hampshire, South East £50,000 - £75,000
Sales Agent Appeal Home Shading Essex, East, UK £50,000 - £75,000

Frequently asked questions

Aftersales managers are responsible for delivering customers delightful and satisfactory post-sale service experiences. They reach out to the customers for collecting feedback and ensuring that they are contented with the quality of the purchased products and services. They also provide assistance with resolving complaints and issues regarding the purchase. They endeavour to build strong and lasting client relationships.

The qualification requirements for aftersales manager jobs are having experience in the aftersales and service department. Most employers prefer candidates with relevant industry experience. Excellent communication, customer service skills, and problem-solving skills are needed for the aftersales manager positions. Having a result-driven and positive attitude is also necessary for this role to better train and guide the team members. 

The average per annum aftersales manager salary varies depending on the industry, kind of position, job responsibilities, and the employer. Overall, the aftersales managers working in different sectors make good money. They are offered competitive remuneration packages with benefits like paid maternity and paternity leaves, flexible and hybrid working arrangements, a life insurance plan, loyalty incentives, and more. 

Working as an aftersales manager can turn out to be a brilliant career choice for those who have an interest and inclination to excel in this role. The work is customer-oriented which is interesting and challenging at the same time. Most jobs have promising prospects and generous salary and benefits packages. 

Currently, there are plenty of aftersales manager vacancies in the UK. As long as the automotive, retail, and other industries need aftersales support for ensuring client satisfaction and delight and generating future business, there is likely to be a demand for this role. Searching for a sales job in the UK? Check out the latest listings on Simply Sales Jobs!


Aftersales Manager Job Description 

Aftersales managers handle the post-sale service experiences for the customers or clients. They are employed in different industries like automotive and retail to ensure that the customers are provided with proactive and satisfactory post-sale assistance. They reach out to the clients and ask for their feedback on the quality of the products they have purchased or the services offered to them. Resolving issues and complaints regarding the purchase is also in the aftersales manager job description. The aftersales managers build trust and good working relationships with clients to generate repeat business and earn customer loyalty. They motivate the aftersales team to achieve the set goals. 

Aftersales Manager Job Responsibilities 

The routine responsibilities of aftersales managers include ensuring efficient aftersales operation, maintaining brand standards, and delivering the highest level of customer service to existing and new clients. They take measures for sustaining and enhancing the levels of customer satisfaction, maximising profitability and productivity. They train and manage the resources for building a team that understands the significance of service excellence. They make sure that the volume and profit targets are met. Identifying new opportunities for improving all aspects of business is also the responsibility of aftersales managers. They review the performance of the team and guide them on how to make the aftersales experience more delightful for the customers. 

Skills Required for Building Aftersales Manager Careers 

Experience and exposure in a managerial position gained in a  customer-oriented department are essential for pursuing aftersales manager careers. Stellar communication and customer service skills are required to effectively interact with the team and clients and deliver customers a pleasing experience. The ability to guide, manage and motivate a team in a target-driven environment is also needed for the aftersales manager positions. Individuals with problem-solving skills and the capability to persuade and negotiate will better fit in this role. Building your professional profile is time and effort-saving with Simply Sales Jobs. Build it now to make your job application easy to screen!