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Greater London, England, United Kingdom
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Direct Employer
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1-10 Employees
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Using business psychology combined with our deep expertise in strengths-based assessment and development, we identify, develop and optimize people's talent and capabilities to build thriving, future-fit organizations. We use a powerful combination of strengths-based assessment, talent consulting and coaching to ensure you have diverse people with the right strengths, capabilities and motivation to deliver your business strategy, accelerate success and navigate a rapidly changing world. Our next-generation strengths assessment system, TalentPredix™, transforms the way you hire, develop, and engage people by discovering and unleashing people's unique talents, strengths and potential.

About TalentPredix

Using behavioural science and strengths-based talent management, we identify, develop and optimize exceptional talent and capabilities to build thriving, future-fit organizations. Our key offerings: Talent and Strengths Assessment | Team Development | Training and Development for Managers and Employees | Leadership and Talent Coaching | Talent Mobility and Succession | Career Development and Architecture.

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